When it comes to choosing a property in Spain, Your Move can help. We have a unique portfolio offering various property types, in range, availability and quantity, We are here to build a close relationship in an ever changing world. No other agency will offer you the variety of properties we can offer, nor will they give you the time, effort or energy that we will give to you, 7 days a week.

Preferred Areas

If you are a first time visitor to the Costa Del Sol you will be baffled by how many areas there are along the coast. We at Your Move have a head start, we can show you and guide you to the best areas that suit your lifestyle, your buying criteria and your budget. There is a large choice available to you! You can also view our list of areas on the Costa Del Sol.

Budget Price

Your criteria is important to us, and we understand that every person has a budget and we will offer you options within that budget. We will ensure what you buy is affordable to you, matches your requirements and is in the right area for your dream home.

Use and Needs

Everybody's needs are different and we at Your Move like to ensure all your dreams are fulfilled. We treat you like our family, we will care and listen to your requirements, to make the best effort that we match all your requirements. That we ensure the property you purchase is the best for your future.

Your Visit

We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to what you need. We are available 7 days a week and always dedicate our time to you. We will offer you a selection of properties to view and you decide which ones you want to view.

We can also incorporate viewings you wish to make with other agents, just let us know which ones you want to see and we can register your request for you, saving you time. We can arrange the appointments with lawyers and mortgage brokers if required.

Buying Options

There are so many options and all your requirements are possible. Whether your looking for a brand new property, a beachside villa, a studio apartment or a plot of land, we can help you find it. With our wide database we can make it possible!