Renting a property in Spain is a good way to get to know the area without committing fully to it. It allows you to move areas if you do not like the surrounding environment and gives you the opportunity to move to a different area if you're not happy.

There are two types of rental agreements.

Short Term Rental

This is where you can rent a property on a week to week basis, paying for it weekly, although in the months of July and August these can be very expensive, perfect if it's just for a holiday but not for a long term home.

Long Term Rental

This is where you commit to staying in this property for a minimum of 12 months. A standard contract is for one year and this gives you the right to renew every year for 3 years, unless the landlord has stipulated in the contract that he needs the house back on a certain date for his personal use. If you decide you want to leave before the end of your contract, you will be required to pay the full 12 months rent or you could lose your deposit.

Costs Involved

  • Deposit: The landlord can ask between one or two months deposit. This is refundable at the end of your contract, once the property has been inspected and given back to the owner in a good state, and all the utility bills are paid to date
  • Rent: The rent is paid in advance and one months rent is required at the start of the contract
  • Utilities: The tenant is expected to pay all utilities depending on his usage, this is normally charged every month
  • Agency fee: You will be required to pay half months agency fee, this is a one off payment on reservation

Tenants' Rights

It is very difficult in Spain for a landlord to evict a tenant, and normally takes 6 weeks for a eviction process to start.

Tenants must maintain the property to a good standard, and pay their rent every month on time to protect their interests.

Paperwork Required

In order to rent a property you will be required to produce the following information.

  • Evidence of employment
  • NIE and Passport copies
  • Previous landlord reference